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    I would be interested in hearing or receiving links to grade forgiveness policies you may have for graduate students. We currently do not have one and I would like to hear the perspective of Graduate Schools that do have such a policy. Thank you!


      Hi–we discussed this two years ago at U of Alabama’s Graduate Council, and came up with our Academic Fresh Start Policy. It allows students to “reset” their GPA to start over in either the same program or another program (after a 3 year hiatus). But the prior credits don’t count, so it is a true “starting over.” The link is – click on “Readmission” and then find “Readmission Fresh Start.” Glad to answer any questions about that.


      Thanks! Do you have a policy for a grade forgiveness for a course grade? We get asked all the time if someone who earns a C or F could repeat the course and replace the grade. I’m interested in hearing about those policies.


        No, we opted not to develop such a policy. Our faculty committee felt that at the graduate level this would not be advisable.


        At NJIT, graduate students are allowed a total of two course repetitions in their academic program.

      Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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