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    How does your graduate school respond to cases of graduate student academic misconduct? What are you finding is most helpful for educating/restoring the student? Favorite resources?


    I’m sorry that I am so late in responding to this post. I don’t have any insights to share, but we are in the process of reviewing our Academic Integrity Policy and the processes that we use to address academic misconduct. I am interested in learning whether any institutions have different academic misconduct policies or consequences for graduate students versus those in place for undergraduate learners.


    For the most part, our Academic Integrity Policy is the same for undergraduate and graduate students and is located in both the UG and GR catalogs. Outcomes vary depending on the level of misconduct.


    At the moment, our Graduate School has a separate Honor Code and Code of Conduct. These refer to the university code as the main policy document, but our faculty felt that there were unique situations inherent to graduate research that required more policy guidance. Also, we have a separate process for adjudicating alleged Honor Code and Code of Conduct infractions. Certain infractions involving possible research misconduct may also have other stakeholders involved (for example, in a School of Medicine the research office may be involved if the infraction affects NIH funding). Hope this helps.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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