AGEP National Forum Poster Abstracts

    AGEP: BPR: Understanding URM STEM Graduate Students Identity Integration and Assimilation into a Community of Practice


    AGEP-BPR Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Mechanisms in Improving Mentoring Relationships for URM Students in STEM Fields


    AGEP-BPR: A Study of the Cultural Factors Affecting Underrepresented Minority STEM Doctoral Students and Academic Pathway and Transition Programs


    AGEP-KAT: Adopting Evidence Based Strategies to Improve Academic Climate and the Success of Underrepresented Doctoral Students in Engineering


    AGEP-T Collaborative Research: California Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate

    Research Abstract


    AGEP-T: Collaborative Research: Advancing Interdisciplinary STEM Graduate Education in Energy and Sustainability Disciplines

    Research Abstract


    AGEP-Transformation: The CIC Professorial Advancement Initiative

    Research Abstract


    California AGEP Model to Increase the Success of Underrepresented Minority Postdoctoral Fellows Becoming Faculty in Mathematics, Engineering and Physical and Computer Sciences


    Collaborative AGEP-T: PROMISE AGEP Maryland Transformation

    Research Abstract


    Collaborative Research: AGEP Transformation Alliance: Bridging the PhD to Postdoc to Faculty Transitions for Women of Color in STEM


    Collaborative Research: AGEP Transformation Alliance: CIRTL AGEP - Improved Academic Climate for STEM Dissertators and Postdocs to Increase Interest in Faculty Careers


    Collaborative Research: Northern Ohio AGEP-T: A Racially and Ethnically Inclusive Graduate Education Model in Biology, Chemistry and Engineering


    Collaborative Research: The Pacific Northwest Alliance to Develop, Implement and Study a STEM Graduate Education Model for American Indians and Native Alaskans

    Research Abstract


    Collaborative Research: The Tuskegee Alliance to Develop, Implement and Study a Virtual Graduate Education Model for Underrepresented Minorities in STEM

    Research Abstract


    Completion and Attrition in AGEP and non-AGEP Institutions


    Physics Bridge Program


    SREB-AGEP Doctoral Scholars Program


    The Michigan AGEP Alliance for Transformation (MAA): Mentoring and Community Building to Accelerate Successful Progression into the Professoriate

    Research Abstract


    The Stony Brook-Brookhaven AGEP Frontiers of Research and Academic Models of Excellence (FRAME) Alliance for Transformation

    Research Abstract


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